The DH60 general purpose mobile computer delivers industry leading bar code reading and wireless communications in a durable and ergonomic form factor.Intended for use in retail, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, the DH60 mobile computer tackles a wide variety of inventory management tasks from simple receiving to the support of material traceability.Datalogic’s Software Development Kit enables custom applications using the most popular programming languages.Utilities and device management tools facilitate rapid deployment and central management of the DH60 installation.For facilities with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), a Terminal Emulator is available with all four of the most popular emulation modes.
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Ergonomic features including balance with handle, crystal clear display, and a simple keyboard make the DH60 mobile computer a user favoriteChoice of ‘laser scanning’ or ‘area imaging’ to handle high volume inventories or track full item records Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback improves efficiency and accuracy in both noisy and quiet environmentsLaird Wi-Fi radio ensures seamless roaming to keep operators on the moveFull-shift battery reduces down time during the day and annual replacement costs Rugged drop and sealing specifications ensure survival from accidents and abuseWavelink® Avalanche mobile device management decreases deployment timeWavelink® Terminal Emulation communicates with 5250, 3270, VT, and HP emulation based warehouse management systemsTwo-level keyboard with 10 function keys enhances terminal emulation navigation
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