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Vehicle Tracking & Telematics


Vehicle Tracking and Telematics from The Barcode Warehouse uses a combination of in-vehicle hardware and software together with a hosted web based mapping client and reporting solution to deliver real-time visibility of the location and driving performance of your fleet of vehicles. It is ideally suited to businesses running fleets of over 50 vehicles of all types.

Data on the location of each vehicle is generated from a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver in the vehicle. Telematics data about vehicle speed, direction, acceleration and braking is generated either directly from the CANBus of the vehicle engine management system (hard telematics) or calculated from the vehicle's change in position (soft telematics), depending on the method of hardware installation you choose to use.

The web based map client provides real-time visibility of the location of the fleet, geo-fencing of client sites, depots and other points of interest to allow automatic alerts of arrival and departure. The system also provides a full set of KPI reports detailing vehicle activity, usage and driving style exceptions.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time visibility of all vehicle locations and movements to aid planning and security
  • Improve customer service knowing where your fleet and drivers are at all times
  • Improves security and reduces unauthorised use of the fleet
  • Exception based reporting, real-time alerting and pre-advice / notification
  • Operational KPIs for driving performance improvement & driver debrief
  • Reduced fuel costs by targeting poor driving styles of overspeed, habitual idling, harsh braking, acceleration and incorrect use of gears and cruise control.
  • Ensures owner operated drivers are claiming for the correct mileage / time for work carried out
FeatureKey Business Benefit

Real-time vehicle location visibility through map client and replays of historical vehicle movements.

  • Visibility of all vehicles and movements in your fleet to help planning and security.
  • Improved customer service – easily locate nearest vehicle or estimate time of arrival

Creation of Go/No-go geo-fences and other points of interest with exception reporting of activity (ignition on/off, arrive/depart, unauthorised vehicle movement, undesired driving style, outside driving area).

  • Improve customer service through notification of arrival/departure and customer pre-notification of arrival.
  • Improve vehicle/load security and reduce unauthorized use
  • Improve driving style for reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Improve vehicle utilisation.

Configuration of information and exceptions reporting into automatic alerts with full audit trail.

Allow pre-emptive management by exception to alerts to improve customer service and response.

Web based reporting of :

  • Vehicle activity and utilisation,
  • Vehicle exception (overspeed, harsh braking, acceleration and engine idling)
  • Geofence activity

  • Manage operational performance for continuous improvement
  • Ensure vehicles are being used in most appropriate and efficient way
  • Debrief drivers on operational problems and target habitual undesired driving style
  • Easily collect drivers hours, time on site and mileage information for customer billing and statutory reporting
  • Ensure owner drivers are claiming correctly for mileage and work carried out

Vehicle Installation Options

Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU) "Black Box"

The MTU is hard wired into the vehicle providing a GPS satellite receiver, GPRS/GSM data communications back to the hosted web system and "business rule" control for determining how the vehicle is tracked and how events are monitored for exception reporting. The unit allows a variety of other inputs such as door and temperature sensors to provide increased functionality.

The MTU can be directly connected to the vehicle engine management system (CANBus) to provide hard telematics or can use vehicle position changes to calculate soft telematic data.

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